About Waters Explorers

WE are an independent educational travel group devoted to the belief that we can only learn so much in a classroom no matter how interested the student, talented the teacher, and advanced the technology. There is no substitute for setting foot on the very ground where history happened, for smelling the unique smells of foreign lands, for hearing the sounds of unknown languages, for tasting the authentic foods from around the world, and for feeling what ancient Hawaiians called “mana”- the power that leaves locations forever changed by the events of the past. Travel changes people in permanent and unexpected ways.

WE are not affiliated with any school district, but are independent lifelong learners who find joy in sharing travel and learning opportunities with like-minded individuals of all ages. Travelers do not need to be residents of any particular area.

Sidney, Shae, Denise, Adam. Santorini, Greece. 2014.
Sidney, Shae, Denise, Adam

Denise Waters is the founder, education facilitator, and group leader of Waters Explorers. She teaches high school World History, Geography, Economics, and Law, and sponsors the book club and mock trial team. She first got the travel bug in 2013 when she tagged along with another teacher on her trip to England, France, and the Netherlands. Since then Denise traveled to China, then led her own group to Turkey, Greece, and Italy in 2014 and to Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, and Hungary in 2016.

Ashton in Greece. 2014.

Ashton Waters is the fundraising event coordinator, chaperone, and Denise’s daughter. She got the travel bug in 2014 when she served as the chaperone on Waters Explorers’ first trip to Turkey, Greece, and Italy.

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