Apply to Travel!

Since WE are not affiliated with any school district or other entity, WE can select anyone WE choose to travel with us. However, WE need to make sure that our Explorers are traveling for the right reasons and that they will be productive and respectful members of the group. While the purpose of our trips is to learn about our world, safety is always the #1 priority while abroad. WE must have confidence that Explorers will not put themselves or others in unsafe or uncomfortable situations.

So how do you get started?

First, you will need to fill out this linked application so WE know who you are and why you want to travel. This does not sign you up for the trip or obligate you in any way. Just provide a few references and WE’ll send those references a link to an anonymous questionnaire about you. It’s a good idea to give your references a heads up so they know it’s coming. WE need these references to approve you to join our group.

On this application you’ll also answer a few essay-type questions about why you want to go and what you will contribute to the group. Answer those questions in detail. Be specific. WE’re looking for well thought-out answers. There is no set length, but only a couple sentences sends the message that you may not take the experience very seriously, thus you may not be selected.

After WE receive your application and have your references WE’ll let you know if you’ve been approved to join us. At that time you’ll receive the directions to register for the trip.

Good luck and WE hope you will join us!!


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