WE travel with the purpose of learning more about our world. WE believe that a well informed traveler is a happy traveler because they will know what they’re seeing and can absorb even more information. Why go on such an amazing trip and not know its significance?

As a means to that end, WE prepare our Explorers well in advance.

One way WE do this is to publish a travel book journal to take with us. This way, WE learn information before WE go, and have a handy journal while abroad.

All Explorers are expected to choose their fair share of topics from the list, research the topic, and write an original article informing the readers about the importance of the topic.

Writers are NOT to summarize another article, but should read a minimum of three reliable sources (no encyclopedias or blogs) and compose their own.

Explorers will write their article on a Word document and email it to when they are done.

Keep a proper bibliography for each article.

Article Topic Expectations:

Biographies/Groups– Include basic information about who the person or group is and why they are important. Why did they do what they did? What did they do that makes them significant to our trip location? How have they impacted the area and the world both in their time and in ours?

Locations/Monuments– Where is the place? Why is it important? Who designed/built it? Why? When? What happened there? What is the condition of the location today? Still in use? Different use? Important people associated with the location.

History– This is could be an event, time period, ideology, etc. Items in this category are usually big idea background informational things. Explain the time period it began, who started and influenced it along the way, how and why it ended (if it did), and its impact on the world.

Art/Technology/Literature– These are creative pieces. Give the name(s) of artists/inventors/authors, date and location created, and a description of the piece. Why is the piece important to our studies?

Vocabulary– These might be unfamiliar terms, or bigger ideas. Give examples to help clarify the meanings for your readers. Comparisons might be in order too. Vocabulary does not need to be a longer article, but can be a paragraph. These tidbits will be scattered throughout the book.

You should choose your own picture to help illustrate your article. Make sure you get that picture from WikiCommons to avoid copyright infringement.

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